Sleep Well on your next Wellness Vacation

Waking refreshed and ready to take on the day after a good night’s sleep – that’s how you’re envisioning your Wellness Vacation, right? Let’s make that dream a reality! Here are tips to make this dream come true, and why sleep is so good for you.


how to get a good night's sleep

photo courtesy of Pritikin


Tips for better sleep 

Getting quality sleep during your Wellness Vacation can play an important role in your overall health. Here are tips to improve your slumber:

  • During the day, get exposure to bright daylight
  • During the evening, avoid exposure to blue light
  • Be consistent with bedtime and wake times
  • Skip the caffeine later in the day
  • Avoid long (over 20 minute) naps during the day
  • Stay hydrated while traveling, particularly by airplane
  • Dress the part by packing destination appropriate sleepwear
  • Eat at regular times and avoid heavy meals before bed

Benefits of a good night’s sleep

Not only does a good night sleep help you feel energized and focused (perhaps even invincible) there are other benefits you may not have considered. Here’s what research has to say about the benefits of a good night’s sleep on your wellness retreat or at home. A good night’s sleep will:

#1 Improve your mood

Smiles and vacations go together, but a lack of sleep may put a frown on your face. Not getting enough shut-eye lowers your productivity and attention to detail. According to the National Institute of Health, a lack of sleep also affects your mood. It can interfere with the way you interact with others. When you aren’t fully rested, you’re more likely control emotions and behavior when you encounter problems. You’ll feel better emotionally and build healthier relationships on your wellness vacation with a good night’s sleep.

#2 Boost brain function

Your brain is resting, recalling and preparing when you are in a deep sleep. While you are sleeping your brain is preparing for the following day by establishing new pathways to aid in learning, storing and recalling new information, according to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. The quality of your sleep can improve the way you learn a new skill, master a new theory or perform in your next tennis match. Sleep also aids in attention, problem-solving and creativity. During your wellness vacation, boosting your brain function is crucial to helping you master new health concepts.

#3 Help you with achieving a healthy weight

There is a link between sleep disorders and weight gain. The National Sleep Foundation reported that sleep apnea is often linked to those who are overweight. The ensuing daytime tiredness from sleep apnea can lead to overeating and a lack of motivation to exercise. Getting a good night’s sleep during your weight loss retreat is key for maintaining a healthy weight.

What interferes with a good night’s sleep?

There are many external stimulants including caffeine, sugar, alarm clocks and electronic devices, that can interfere with your body’s natural sleep and wake cycle (circadian rhythm). Hence the majority of people do not get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep each night (adults 26-64 years of age).

At the Pritikin Longevity Center in Miami, Florida, the Sleep Services Program can help you identify and diagnose deficits or problems with sleep that you may be experiencing. From there physicians at Pritikin can help treat sleep disorders, particularly sleep apnea, to help you achieve the highest quality of sleep each night.

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