Quotes from Participants at our 2nd Annual Meeting

Quotes from Participants at our 2nd Annual Meeting 2019-07-04T21:08:35+00:00

Here’s what a few of our WTA members and partners had to say about our 2nd Annual Meeting:


“I had just joined the WTA as a member and attended the event a few weeks later. I’m grateful I jumped in with both feet! The event provided a perfect blend of networking, education, and fun. I met inspiring, like-minded people and gained valuable tools for expanding my wellness retreats. The connections I made have extended beyond the event and I’m excited to be collaborating with different WTA members. I can’t recommend attending this event enough!” ~  Devon Combs, CEO, Founder of Beyond the Arena

“The program content – truly useful and informative.  The location – phenomenal.  The networking – priceless.” ~  Dori  Cameron, Founder, WanderMore Travels

“The conference is a priceless opportunity to network, gain insights from other sectors, and contribute to the global discussion on wellness tourism.” ~ Kristina Smith, Editor, Wander Magazine

“Professionals engaged in Wellness Tourism, learning, listening, sharing, and laughing.” ~  Kimberly Rossi, Director of Spa & Business Development The Art Of Living Retreat Center & Shankara Ayurveda Spa

‘The WTA Membership meeting put both me and my business partner in touch with key people who we’ll be collaborating with to grow our business.  I was totally inspired networking and learning from leaders in the wellness tourism industry.  It’s hard to believe that WTA is only in their 2nd year and delivering such supreme value.’  ~ BB Webb, Organizational Culture Coach.

“The WTA conference was stimulating, inspiring and highly informative. It brought together so many like-minded high-calibre people with passion and diverse knowledge about wellness tourism. The result was a powerfully interactive and productive experience that can be a cohesive influence on the future of this rapidly emerging industry.” ~ Peggy Sealfon, Personal Development Coach, Speaker, Author

“The discussions around emerging developments in the wellness tourism industry (Eg trends in programs, technology and environmental awareness) made me realize how much there is to learn in this space!” ~  Lynn Burshtein, Media Lawyer and Freelance Writer

“The Wellness Tourism Association’s annual Member’s Meeting is an inspiring gathering with some of the best in the business. The opportunities to network, share ideas, and build long-lasting relationships is unparalleled and I can’t wait for next year.” ~   Corey Finger Bennett, Chief Operating Officer, Hawkins International PR

“The WTA is leading the way in defining and education for the Wellness Tourism Industry. The annual meeting provided our team with great learning and networking opportunities with like minded people! We look forward to next year’s event.” ~ Muirgheal Montecalvo, CEO & Founder, Vacayou Wellness & Active Travel

“Being part of an organization that is shaping the future of wellness travel is exciting and meaningful.  I was so pleased to spend time with a diverse and knowledgeable group in a beautiful setting at which we could learn and share with one another.” –Cindy Hoddeson, Director North America, Monaco Government Tourist Office

“An international Gathering to strengthen communication among leaders within the Wellness Tourism Industry – A meeting to support collaboration to grow stronger individually and expand potential collectively.” ~  Isabelle Duchesneau, Executive Director, Le Monastère des Augustines

“The Wellness Tourism Association membership meeting was an excellent chance to meet and network with a variety of rockstars in the industry, and learn about the exciting new directions that Wellness Tourism is headed. I am so grateful I was able to attend and learn from so many impressive colleagues” ~ Natalie du Pont Edmonds, Connector and Brain Health Advocate

“Thank you for putting together such an amazing event. The networking opportunities and the informative presentations were top notch. I’m already looking forward to next year!”  ~  Dawna Stone, President, Vacayou Wellness & Active Travel

“This was my first wellness conference, and will not be my last. I learned about the multi-dimensionality of wellness and well-being, and because I was at Canyon Ranch, experienced therapies and personal experiences that were unknown to me until now. The Wellness Tourism Association conference assuaged both my cognitive and the affective sides. I look forward to the next one.” ~  Susan Kime, Freelance Writer