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2021 Wellness Travel Consumer Survey

Wellness, Health & Travel 2030: Regional and Country Outlook post -COVID19

Wellness Travel 2030 Post-COVID19: A Pioneering Study

Hospitality Tomorrow: A Global Virtual Conference held April 7th, organised by Benchmark Events and attracting 5,000 plus ‘delegates’ from 128 countries.  Here are the take-aways  

Media Member Susan Kime gives us a few highlights from Accor’s Wellness World White
Paper.  She writes: Accor has partnered with various research firms to produce new quantitative statistics, validating the conclusions for hospitality wellness becoming a necessity rather than an option.There are FOUR economic and social factors allowing for such a substantive paradigm shift: Read her overview of the White Paper. 

Shared by the GWS on September 25th, Economist Thierry Mallet shares his thoughts on the “no-fly” and the “fly-less” movements expanding globally, and how those in the wellness tourism industry – because of the values we espouse – will be held especially and increasingly accountable. 

To share with fellow WTA members. Solo Member Jeff Ment lawyer, and former travel advisor, airline sales manager and tour guide prepared this document on Laws for Sellers of Travel – What Are They And Who Needs To Register:

Despite the fact that Seller of Travel Laws impact most of our industry, the laws are confusing and many “sellers” of travel do not even know that exist.  Members of the WTA that “sell” travel should analyze whether or not these laws are applicable.

Five states have recognized the need to protect their citizens from unscrupulous actions of sellers of travel and have enacted what we call Seller of Travel Laws.  These laws require sellers of travel to be registered with the state and to protect their clients’ fees through the use of either a trust account, a bond or other state approved measures.  Let’s take a look at the states, the laws, and the exemptions. You’ll find the  complete document here. 

Wellness Travel Trends

We partnered with Recommend Magazine on this Wellness Travel Trends Report. You can download the report for free here

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