Easy Ways to Work Wellness Into Your Travels

by Anne Dimon

When traveling for business or pleasure, here are 10 easy ways to work WELLNESS into your travels:

1. When it comes to food and beverage, make healthy choices. Just because you are “on the road” that is no excuse to overindulge.

2. Take advantage of any yoga or fitness classes your hotel or resort might be offering.

3. Plan to take a guided or self-guided walking or running tour of the destination. Walking around is the best way to experience a new destination. And walking or running are both easy, accessible and portable forms of exercise.

4. Spend time in nature. Whether it is a mindful walk along the beach, hiking, kayaking, or a simple stroll in a quiet section of a city park – nature and wellness go hand-in- hand.

5. Learn something new. Take an art or healthy cooking class. Immerse yourself in the destination and learn about the culture.

6. Book a stress-reducing massage or other relaxing spa treatment.

7. Sleep well. Make sure your accommodations offer a quiet environment, conducive to sleep. Many hotels and resorts now offer designated “quiet floors.” Failing that, make sure to mention at time of booking that sleep is important to you and you want a room in a quiet location.

8. Give back. Find a way to “give back” to the community you are visiting.

9. Allow yourself time to relax. To think your own thoughts. Time for self-reflection. Time to simply BE.

10. Stay calm. Travel is stressful at the best of times, so learn to stay calm, don’t stress the small stuff and simply enjoy the journey.

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