SOLO (Wellness Practitioners, Educators, Industry Consultants/Other Wellness Travel Professionals)

László Puczko

Founder of Hungary-based Health Tourism Worldwide (HTWW) - successor to The Tourism Observatory for Health, Wellness and Spa) - László [...]


Jeffrey Ment

For close to 30 years, Connecticut-based Jeff Ment  has provided legal representation to companies and individuals in the tourism industry, [...]


Danny Kessler

Danny Kessler is an Assistant Professor at Dongseo University, International College in Busan, South Korea.  He has a Ph.D. in Wellness [...]


Jill Ruttenberg

Co-Owner and Wellness Director of AmaTierra in Costa Rica, Jill Ruttenberg is a professional nutritionist, certified practitioner of Traditional Chinese [...]


Devon Combs

Devon Combs is the founder of Colorado-based Unbridled Retreats, and leader of the award-winning Unbridled Retreat™ for women. She is [...]


Kaleb Matson

Kaleb Matson is founder of Lumena, a Denver-based startup in the wellness tech space. Lumena creates immersive, therapeutic experiences designed for [...]


Amy Pruett

Amy Pruett is an intellectual property and entertainment law partner at Williams Mullen where she helps wellness and tourism businesses [...]


Karen Thal

Dr. Karen Irene Thal is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Business Studies at Fort Hays State University [...]


Jean-Guy de Gabriac

Founder of World Wellness Weekend (19 & 20 Sept ,2020) launched in 2017, Jean-Guy de Gabriac grew this event to 98 countries in [...]


Darlene Fiske

With more than 20 years experience in the wellness space, Darlene Fiske helps businesses manage their reputation through strategic storytelling [...]