SOLO (Wellness Practitioners, Educators, Industry Consultants/Other Wellness Travel Professionals)

Cassandra Marcella Metzger

A former PBS attorney, Cassandra Marcella Metzger is a wellness travel designer and self-described “escape artist extraordinaire.” A teacher of [...]


Jennifer Aarons

Jennifer Aarons is a faculty member at Stockton University’s Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management program.  During her 30 years in [...]


Don Lightfoot

Founder of the Hospitality Wellness Program, Don Lightfoot has consulted with companies, mainly in the hospitality sector, to enhance their [...]


Tammy Peterson

Tammy Petersen is a seasoned communications professional with over two decades spent running her own public relations firm in the [...]


Kathryn Gardner

Chicago based- Kathryn Gardner, LCPC, PHM-C, CHC is the owner of Tranquility Health and Reproductive Wellness, LLC.   She is [...]


Laura Ell

Laura Ell is a sustainable wellness and spa tourism Canadian based consultant with a track record over two decades advising [...]


Robin Ruiz

Robin Ruiz has been developing and directing strategic marketing initiatives in the tourism and entertainment industries for two decades. After [...]


Cindi Ackrill

North Carolina based Dr. Cindi Ackrill, a certified leader in the field of stress management for over 25 years, combines her [...]


Katherine Droga

Katherine Droga is passionate about the transformational effect travel can have for people and the planet. Katherine is Chair of [...]