WTA Ambassadors

Dianna Ruas

A Brazil-based certified practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy and Macrobiotic Medicine, Dianna Ruas’ career spans 40 years. As a [...]


Stavros Mavridis

Based in Greece and with an education in Physiotherapy and Sports Science, Stavros Mavridis has worked in the Greek hospitality [...]


Giovanna Lorrai

Giovanna Lorrai has worked in the spa industry since 2004, as a spa manager and spa consultant. As the founder of [...]


Cinzia Galletto

A travel journalist with over 20-years experience in communication for international thermal resorts and spas, Cinzia Galletto is based in [...]


Eduardo Finci

As president of the Buenos Aires - based Asociacion Americana de Spa, Eduardo Finci has worked in a wellness-related industry [...]


Simone Ciolli

Spa development consultant, project manager and trainer in wellness strategy management, Bologna-based Simone Ciolli, founder of SC Spa Consulting  has been working in [...]